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  • 1. Penalties and Compensation
  • 2. Award wages and Loading
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1. Penalties and Compensation

If you work over a weekend or public holiday, or if you work early morning or night shifts, you must be paid a penalty wage or be given an extra paid day off. If you get injured while working, you must be compensated by your employer.

2. Award wages and Loading

Depending on the industry you work in, your age, the skill set your job needs and the type of employment, you must be paid the standard award wage for your industry of employment. If you’re a casual worker, you may also be paid extra through ‘loading’ to make up for the lack of benefits like paid leave.

3. Minimum wage

2018 minimum wage rates

Before taxes, the minimum wage is $18.93 per hour, or $719.20 per 38-hour week.

You must be paid above the minimum wage. If your industry of employment has an award wage, you must be paid the award wage or higher.

You must be paid for the time you spend in training, in team meetings, doing a trial shift as well as opening and closing a business. Your wages can’t be substituted with lodging or food. It must be actual money that is earned.


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