Exploited at Work

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In an emergency

If you are in imminent danger, get to a safe place and call Triple Zero (000). Tell the emergency response staff about the:

• dangers you’re facing
• place you’re in at the current moment
• your name

Emergency services will be sent to your location. Do not put down the phone unless you absolutely have to, or the emergency response staff on the phone tells you otherwise.

Have you been...

  • Discriminated at work because of your race, religious or political beliefs?
  • Removed from your job without any reasonable explanation?
  • Not allowed to take leave even though you’re a part-time or full-time employee? Not being paid for your paid leave?
  • Bullied, threatened or harassed at work?
  • Working in an unsafe environment?
  • Underpaid, or not being paid by your employer?
  • Working more hours than what you’re allowed under your visa?
  • Not compensated for injuries you’ve sustained at work?

Things you should do

Ask your colleagues in your workplace on whether they’re also being exploited by your employer. Do this while you’re away from your workplace.

Get to a safe place outside your workplace (preferably your home, or a friend’s home), and contact any of the groups in the ‘Useful Contacts’ section of this page. Time is of the essence here!

When explaining your issue, remember to tell them:

  • The ABN number, legal and trading name of the business you’re working with?
  • Whether you’ve signed a registered agreement and/or contract?
  • What award you’re being paid on?
  • Your job scope, or typical duties you conduct while working?
  • Your log book and your pay slips?
  • Any other evidence which proves you’re being exploited?
  • Whether the business a Pty Ltd, Inc. or Ltd company?
  • How long you’ve worked for your employer?

If staff from the Fair Work Ombudsman or any workers’ union enters your place of employment for investigations, cooperate with them and listen to their instructions. You can tell them if you’re not comfortable meeting them at your place of employment, and they will make alternative arrangements.

You have the option to ask for their services anonymously, or you can disclose your identity without the knowledge of your employers. Do this as soon as possible.


Young Workers Centre

Opening hours - 9:30 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Friday

Address - 54 Victoria Street, Carlton, Victoria

Phone number - 1800 714 754 or text “HELP” and your
name to 0448 791 922

Migrant Workers Centre

Opening Hours - 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

Address - 54 Victoria Street, Carlton, Victoria

Phone number - 03 9659 3516


  • Your wages
  • National Employment Standards
  • Types of employment
  • Looking for a job
  • While you work
  • Ending your employment
  • Need help?

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